Thursday, May 22, 2008

Boop Oop a...D'oh!

These hideous Betty Boop stickers are designed to "turn your everyday celing fan into a conversation-starter."

I can only imagine.

WIFE: Honey, what time are you coming home from work?
HUSBAND: Oh, I'd say about 6:30, why?
WIFE: I have a big surprise for you.
HUSBAND: Really? What is it?
WIFE: I can't tell you that, silly!
HUSBAND: Oh, come on, give me a hint. Is it red?
WIFE: Yes...
HUSBAND: Is it sexy?
WIFE: You're getting warmer...
HUSBAND: Is it something you put on and take off?
WIFE: Ooh, you're hot now!
HUSBAND: Oh my God! I'll be home in ten minutes!

Turn your everyday ceiling fan into a conversation-starter with the Betty Boop Fan Blade Décor! Set of 5 acrylic cling-on appliqués features our Miss Boop in a cute polka dot pattern!

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