Friday, May 16, 2008

Birthday Pinata Begs You To Kill It

Some people dread upcoming birthdays as they get older. This might be partly to blame. The frightening animated singing birthday cake looks like the mutant lovechild of Mr. Potato Head and Betty Crocker, though the people over at the Lighter Side are hoping that it will be the "hit" of your party.

Only if there are baseball bats in the room.

The only thing scarier than this picture is the video that accompanies it. Click here to see it. Look for the link marked "Watch How It Works" and turn your speakers on. It might help to have a barf bag handy.

This wiggling, jiggling birthday cake is sure to be the hit of your party! Press a button and his rubber-like body sways wildly as his hilarious oversized lips mouth the words to the hit song, "Celebration!" Plastic "candle" actually lights up and flashes! $19.98


Hamamama said...

Your birthday is....???
birthday pinata and flying saucers in the large conference room???

Anonymous said...

Check out based out of Scottsdale, AZ and they ship thru-out the US. They make Custom Made Pinatas and were Voted Best of Phoenix 2008!