Friday, May 02, 2008

And Overdosing Has Never Been Easier!

This little gadget is designed to help the forgetful elderly by giving them a way to "check-off" their medications as they take them. You simply slide the little button to the opposite side to tell yourself, "Hey, it looks like I did take my anti-seizure medication last night! No wonder I slept so well!"

In the Dream World, the user will delight as this makes his or her life easier...

...but in the Real World, some poor old lady will forget to click the button until a few hours have passed, then go back and click it, forgetting that she didn't take the dose, but only got to click the button before getting distracted by that phone call from her daughter, who wanted to ask her if she could babysit little Johnny while she went to get a pedicure. And then she'll die.

Finally—an easy way to monitor your daily doses! Just attach self-stick dosage strip along the side of your prescription bottle and align the 4 indicator tabs to the left. As each dose is taken during that day, slide tabs to the right. It’s that easy to keep track! Includes raised Braille markings for vision-impaired users. 2" L. Set of 10 strips.

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