Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why Is That Man Drooling?

I think the makers of Climax-Gel might want to re-think their packaging. In the wrong hands, it could be dangerous.

SCENE - Church steps
WIFE: Honey, how do I look?
HUSBAND: You look okay, but I still think you should have worn the strapless dress.
WIFE: Really?
HUSBAND: You look like a frickin librarian. Jesus, can't you sex it up some time?
WIFE: You're one to talk. Your breath could take the paint off the walls.
HUSBAND: Really?
WIFE: Yeah, really.
HUSBAND: You got any of that mouth spray? You know, Biancca, or whatever the fuck it's called?
WIFE: Let me check my purse. (rummages through purse, smiles) Oh, here it is. Okay, honey, close your eyes and open your mouth. I'll take good care of you.

Climax-Gel™ is not just another lubricant. Two distinct formulations target sex-specific needs. Women's formula helps increase lubrication,orgasms and sexual pleasure. Men's formula increases sensitivity and pleasure that can result in more endurance and longer-lasting erections. Formula is proven to give you more intense, longer-lasting pleasure - and it's 100% natural! USA. Contains 1 fluid ounce. $24.99

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