Wednesday, April 02, 2008


You know, I see a lot of things that provoke an initial reaction of "What the fuck?" or "That has to be a joke." Sadly, they're always real, and they always make me weep.

So, it's a relief to come across the ZeroCal, which is thankfully, a joke from Australia.

The ZeroCal is part of a diet plan where the meals contain a large proportion of foods with negative calories (cauliflower, cucumbers, celery, garlic etc.) creating a calorie deficit.

•Many high-calorie foods (like meat) are substituted with lower-calorie foods that are just as delicious (like seafood).

•The remaining calories are erased through our proprietary CalBurnKnob™ technology. This is a knob on the takeaway box that's very hard to open (see picture below) – meaning you burn off the remainder just by opening the container!

(The sad part is that I fell for it - but in my defense, I've seen so many stupid things that I expect stuff like this to eventually surface on QVC or in Harriet Carter catalog)

Thanks for the tip, Summer!


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neil russell said...

There's so much screwy stuff on the market I wouldn't have been too surprised if it had been real.
There's a market too, a goofball used to come into my wife's restaurant a few years ago and always want toasted bread on his sandwiches, he declared that the toasting "cooked off" all the carbohydrates.
For a while we considered rebranding toaster ovens as the "Carburetor" the hot new diet aid