Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time to Make the Homeowners Insurance Go Up

Well, whataya know! Just what every SUV driving, fast-food loving American family needs! A portable donut maker!

What is most likely to happen, following the arrival of the donut maker?
A) spontaneous grease fire
B) children fighting for the next batch to spit out
C) entire family hospitalized for grease burns
D) tantrums over the minuscule size of the donuts
E) 2 week carb coma for the entire family!
F) all of the above - at once

Donut maker creates warm, delicious mini-donuts in under a minute! Just add dough and watch as it automatically forms, fries and drains. The rest is up to you! Add icing, sprinkle with sugar, dip in chocolate... the possibilities are endless! Enclosed oil fryer makes cleanup easy. Fun for birthdays, carnivals or anytime. 22 3/4 x 7 x 14". $119.98

1 comment:

Neil Russell said...

I may have to surrender my "make fun of crap" decoder pin.
I think I'd like to have that thing!