Monday, April 07, 2008

Ther Prooofreeder Musdt Bee on Vacashun

What's the most amusing thing about this dinosaur candle holder?

A) That it reminds kids that there are scarier purple dinosaurs besides Barney.
B) That it will drip candle wax all over your cake.
C) That the candles will probably melt all over each other in a lovely inferno of wax and plastic.
D) The description, which is proof that Harriet Carter has finally outsourced her data entry to some third world country where Spell Check has yet to be discovered.


S* said...

Egads! That made my skin crawl. I'm the proofreading queen, you know.

neil russell said...

I'm constantly colebrating my extincetence but it always seems daft.

Lady Jaye said...

Dishwasher daft? I'd go crazy too if I were put in a dishwasher...