Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thems New Yorkers Sure Are Mean

I never thought there would be something to topple the almighty Knork, but there is.

Attention tourists! Real New Yorkers fold their pizza in half and eat it. The knife is only for cutting the slices and warding off muggers. If we catch you bringing one of these into our city, we will cut you with it. Capeesh?

From ultra thin to deep dish, pizza is your passion. The Pizza Fork™ makes it easy to swiftly cut through crust and toppings no matter how thick or crisp. It has the same cutting wheel as a pizza cutter along with an extra-long stainless steel fork so you can slice and eat your pizza with one handy utensil. Try it with other foods, like pancakes, tostadas and French toast. Offered in sets of 2. Your guests will love it.


S* said...

Once again you have reminded me of the horrid demise of America and I am frightened. What is this inane piece of uselessness????

Lady Jaye said...

Because using a good old knife isn't good enough anymore... >_>


i'd die to see someone use this...with a straight face. it's seriously like an SNL skit.

Chris said...

Oh, Bryan, that makes me want to carry my camera around my neck for an eternity. Because that would be the ultimate money shot.