Friday, April 04, 2008

Soft Candy

What's this?

A) Easter candy tree?
B) Microscopic closeup of newly discovered fatal Triangle Virus
C) Promotional ad for Tic Tacs new Egyptian store
D) Something far more bizarre

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D) (Sigh) It's too bad Madonna didn't have one of these handy to promote her new album, Hard Candy, but I digress.

It's a lovely candy bra and candy g-string. What will they think of next?

Just imagine the conversation this will spark in the bedroom.

CANDY: Hi, baby. You ready to have some fun?
ELIOT: Oh, you betcha.
CANDY: Well, come on inside and fix yourself a drink. I'll go slip into something more comfortable.
ELIOT: Oh-oh-okay!
CANDY: Hee hee! (rushes into bedroom, slams door)
(five minutes later)
CANDY: Ooh, Eliooot, I'm ready for you.
ELIOT: Oh my God. What are you wearing?
CANDY: You like?
ELIOT: I like. Is that - candy?
CANDY: Yeah. That's my trademark. You get your dessert first with me! Hee hee!
ELIOT: Wow. I feel like a little boy all over again.
CANDY: Really?
ELIOT: Yeah. This was my favorite candy. My mom used to get it for me all the time. I couldn't get enough of it. (touches candy, stares)
CANDY: Oh boy. This is getting weird. Maybe you'd better go.
ELIOT: But I paid in advance!
CANDY: I'm not into Mommy fantasies. Get the hell out.

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S* said...

I made one of these in summer camp once.