Wednesday, April 30, 2008

King of Beer Bellies

The remote control pager is for the guy who regularly misplaces his beer at parties. Or is, perhaps too stupid to simply go to the fridge and grab another. It keeps your domestic beer cold and, at the touch of a button, will light up and burp to help you find it. (That would be the button marked "click.")

Knowing that, I have a few lingering questions:
A) How will you be able to make out the burp of the beer can over the burps of all the other pot-bellied pigs men in the room?
B) Is the man on the "koozie" graphic(not my spelling, theirs) actually using a wheel barrel to support his massive belly?

Remote control pager helps you locate your lost beverage. It's easy to misplace your brew - now it's easy to find it! Just press the button and this insulated koozie lights up and announces its location with a loud belch. Mini remote clips to your belt, works up to 60 ft. away. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Plastic. $19.98


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