Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To Be Worn Only Near an Active Volcano

What the hell is this?

A) Ugly Valentine's Day costume
B) Prop from the Sex & the City movie
C) Highly flammable, I hope
D) Too stupid for words.

D) Too stupid for words. Even after reading the description, I can't figure out the origin or the purpose, but I LOVE the renderings of the man and woman wearing it. God only knows how hard it was to find someone willing to model this before they had to resort to using a dress form.

Wild Thing Dress Up Kit. Let the Wild Thing™ out to play! A super sexy spin on the traditional grass skirt and coconuts! Plastic bra "cups" fasten with string, and foil skirt slides right on. Ladies, dare to bare! Guys can wear this and we guarantee she'll never forget you! $9.98


Paynin Diaz said...

i've developed a love-hate relationship with this thing. On the one hand, it's all shiny and sparkly. On the other hand, the cups....they are way too close together.

Chris said...

But it's good for a drag show in Hawaii, no?