Monday, March 10, 2008

Pot Head

Sometimes I see something and my gut reaction is slap someone in the face. This spoon pot clip did that to me. It's designed for extremely dirt-poor people living in apartments with a single burner - and nothing else. The kind of people who can barely afford a can of soup, yet are very fussy about the cleanliness of their kitchen, even though they're probably going to splatter the crap of their walls the second they try to take the spoon out of the clip.

Helpful hint: Use a small plate. Or balance it on the edge of the pot. Save your money and buy more soup.

Grip-EZ® Spoon Pot Clip No more messy countertops due to having nowhere to place spoon while cooking. Clips securely to pot rim with heat-resistant, silicone pads that prevent scrapes while gently cradling spoon. No morsel goes to waste since excess drips directly back into the pot. Utensil handle stays cool. $5.98 [Taylor Gifts]


S* said...

You insensitive cad, you! Maybe there's a college student cooking on a hot plate and there is no surface area around it and he can't afford a plate upon which to rest his spoon and he's ashamed that he has to eat out of a pot, but at least he has a pot spoon clip from his grandma, dammit!

Chris said...

Then he can hold the spoon in his mouth like a matador.


When the hell are you going to blog again? I miss you.

S* said... miss me. To answer your question: probably never.