Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poltergeist was Nothing

Not to pun that MasterCard commericial, but...

Massive Headstone: $5,000
Making it look like shit: $10.00
Being haunted by me for an eternity: priceless

Look, people. The headstone is ENOUGH. No flags, no fake flowers. I'm watching you. If I see anything like that at my funeral, you'll wish you were dead too.

Gravestone Topper displays floral arrangements up and off the ground. All-weather saddle slips over top of gravestone to provide a stable perch from which to display fresh or artificial flowers. Durable plastic grippers adjust to fit any straight-sided monument. Styrofoam base holds stems securely. 9-1/4" L. Flowers not included. $9.98

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