Thursday, March 27, 2008

Honey, Why Are Those Birds Circling Our House?

Because you thought it would be cute to show your patriotic side and embarrass this poor Eagle. See what happens when they're taken off the endangered species list? All hell breaks loose.

When duty calls, answer it on the most patriotic telephone. Vintage style phone is a star spangled tribute to freedom with a polyresin American eagle base, circular touch-tone dial and an elegant, old-fashioned receiver, that makes you feel like you're taking a call from the founding fathers. Measures 12 1/4"H x 9 1/4"W x 5 5/8"D. $22.99


Eagle's Plight


Paynin Diaz said...

hey! guy who invented poly-resin..
this is what you get for inventing poly-resin !!!!
you rotten, rotten being

dave in milwaukee said...

Wow, that eagle looks pretty pissed. I'd be, too, if I had to stand guard over this hideous crap-o-phone.

But at least the advertising is true. No question that you'll feel exactly "like you're taking a call from the founding fathers."


"Hello? Who? Ben Franklin? Holy shit! You wily old fart! We haven't talked in ages! What the hell've you been up to all these centuries? How's the old kite flying?"

(beep beep beep)

"Aw shit, it's my call waiting. (Checks caller ID). Hey, listen, Ben, can I call you back in a few? I really gotta take this call from Tom Jefferson. I can't believe it... I called the son of a bitch about 200 years ago and he's finally decided to give me the courtesy of a return call. Do you believe this schmuck? Hey, but thanks for calling, Ben. I'll get back to you ..."

Scooter said...

Imagine if Hillary used this phone in her 3 am commercial!