Friday, March 21, 2008

Don't Forget to Bring a Towel!

You know the deal. You go to a friend or relative's house for the holidays and you're having a great time. Then you suddenly have to use the bathroom. You do your duty, wash your hands, and then, as turn around to dry them, you see these:

What do you do?
A) Use the towels gently, as they're obviously for show.
B) Very awkwardly wipe your hands on the back of them.
C) Use your pants.
D) You saw these garish things when you came in, so you decided to not wash your hands in the first place

Bright Easter designs adorn these colorful holiday hand towels-adding festive charm to your home! Set includes four embellished styles: eggs, tulips, bunny, and basket. 100% polyester; machine wash. Each, 17 1/2" long x 11 3/4" wide. Imported. $11.99.

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