Monday, March 24, 2008

But They'll Still Toilet Paper Your House

I would imagine that these would come in particularly handy during Halloween.

BRAD: Alright, we egged the Donaldson's house. Let's go get the McKinley's. You guys ready?
JOE: Where is it?
BRAD: It's right here. Get your eggs ready - awww shit.
JOE: What happened?
BRAD: Someone already beat us to it.
JOE: Wow. I feel really bad for them. Somebody really fucked up that house. Should we call the fire department or something?

Easter Egg Lights. Create an impressive Easter display in a window or on a wall with this set of 3 LED lighted Easter eggs. Beautiful by night and day, the PVC eggs are decorated with polka dots and are topped with large metallic bows. Attaches to window with suction cups. Plugs into household outlet.$14.99

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