Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Britney Bear

The Singing Diva Bear comes fully accessorized, including what looks like a deflated balloon hat and a Diva t-shirt, in case you had any doubt. She also has a weighted bottom which is good for displaying...or throwing directly into the East River.

And, like most modern "divas", she's not wearing any pants. Click here and follow the Watch How it Works link to see it "sing." Warning: May Cause Projectile Vomitting or Death.

Don't hate the Singing Diva Bear because she's beautiful! This fashion-forward gal is dressed to kill in her mod attire, complete with faux jewels! Press her paw and she launches into the 80's classic song "What A Feeling," moving her head and mouth as she sings! Weighted bottom makes her easy to display. She's perfect for princesses of all ages! $11.97

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