Monday, March 17, 2008

Blind Blind Staging

The award for Most Bizarre Staging goes to this item. Examine the picture, then answer the question below.

What on earth could have caused these blinds to become so thick with white dust?

A) powdered donut explosion
B) recent police activity
C) kilo of cocaine carelessly placed in front of high powered desk fan
D) sudden indoor snowstorm
E) extremely bad props department, using a color of blinds that hasn't been seen since the mid 90's

Venetian Blind Cleaner set easily removes dust that gathers in the toughest to clean areas of blinds. Brush both sides simultaneously with innovative claw design. Set of two. One brush has a sponge for wet, deep cleaning and the other has a fleece brush for dry dusting. Plastic, 8 x 3/4". $6.98 [Taylor Gifts]


S* said...

Radioactive fallout. AKA Nuclear Winter.

Thank goodness you're back!

Paynin Diaz said...

i have to go with E:
They've definitely been laying around, collecting ghost turds since the late 80's mid 90's.

Steven said...

Note to self: buy white blinds only.