Thursday, February 14, 2008

Should I Add a PayPal Link to the Sidebar?

Sorry for the lack of posts this week (as if anyone noticed). I'm working on a new business venture.

Business venture. Doesn't that sound impressive? Actually, I'm looking for a hobby that pays me. Because this sure as hell doesn't.

3 comments: said...

*Condescending Alice Kramden look and voice* Another get-rich-quick scheme Ralph???

Neil Russell said...

Is there any other kind?
Rarely do you hear someone decry a plan as "another one of your pays-off-in-the-long-term-after-years-of-hard-work schemes"

Now I can't get the conversation of "Peanuts Alice, what am I going to do with peanuts?" "Eat them, like any other elephant!" out of my head! said...