Friday, February 08, 2008

Mean Boys

Oh, how my sick mind works.

How much fun would it be to swap out these "diet" (barf) cookies for some Chips Ahoy?

DIETER: I don't understand. I've been on the Hollywood Cookie Diet for 6 weeks - and I've gained 25 lbs!

CHRIS: Keep at it. Persistence is the key. You'll gain a little in the beginning, but soon, the weight falls off so fast you'll have to hold onto your pants so they don't fall right off in the middle of the street.

DIETER: Are you sure?

CHRIS: Trust me. Would I lie to you?

The Hollywood Cookie DietTM Shed pounds without going hungry or sacrificing taste! Enjoy four delicious, healthy meal-replacement cookies throughout the day, then eat a sensible dinner. Each cookie is packed with 13 essential vitamins and minerals and is a great source of fiber and protein. Each box contains 12 individually wrapped meal replacement cookies. $19.98


Neil Russell said...

Now that's a great idea, and not without precedent. A guy in Atlanta was selling "carb free" donuts, but was just taking regular donuts and re-branding them.
Sold a ton of them too! Go figure

S* said...

One individually wrapped cookies? Non-fat people don't eat just one cookie.

Steven said...

I'm hungry.