Friday, February 01, 2008

Matching Curtains Sold Separately

Let's play a game. I'm going to throw out a word and you tell me what images you associate with it. Today's word is "Harley."

You probably associated one or more of the following:
- Motorcycles
- Bandanas
- Tough guys
- Fist-fights
- Gangs
- Leather pants
- Domestic Beer
- Police pursuits

You probably didn't associate this cutsy little magnet:

Harley Magnet will please those who were born to ride, as well as those who just dream of the open road. Large, glazed-ceramic magnet will hold notes, photos and appointment cards securely in place. 3 ¼” square. $5.98 [Harriet Carter]

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dave in milwaukee said...

Now ya done it: ya went & insulted a great Miwocky product and hurt my feelings, hey?

The Boss & E-Street Band will be at HarleyFest Miwocky this summer. But NO TICKETS FOR YOU!! Ya leaker.

S* said...

Well we all know that most people buying Harleys today are bankers who want to feel wild on the weekends.

Chris said...

I'm sorry Dave. The New Yorker in me can't help it.

dave in milwaukee said...

To Chris . . .
Don't see too many "Hawgs" roaring up and down Broadway, hey? Must be the looming threat of congestion pricing that's keeping 'em out of Manhattan. :)

To s* . . .
Of course! Who else but CEOs, bankers, lawyers, etc. can afford those bikes and ridiculous leather accessories?! :) said...

LOL Harley Davidson has been a joke since it became a theme restaurant. See: George Carlin