Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Hide Their Cigarettes

In case you were considering buying a smokeless ashtray as a passive aggressive (or just plain bitchy) way of hinting that you can't stand second hand smoke, here's something to consider:

There's no way people are going to huddle around this thing and gently exhale their second-hand smoke into it so that it doesn't go into the air. Especially the defensive smokers I know.

Smokeless Ashtray filters out annoying tobacco smoke - leaves air fresh. Special filtering system draws in and traps smoke and its odors. Ideal for the courteous smoker or non-smoker who lives with a smoker. Uses 2 C batteries (not included). 5-1/4 $7.98 [Harriet Carter]

1 comment:

Paynin Diaz said...

What smokers really need is a product that can remove the brownish yellow stains from their fingertips.
And this stupid ashtray starts sounding more like a rock tumbler after it's done its level best to suck up some 30 odd cartons of cigarette smoke.........