Monday, February 04, 2008

It's Only a Matter of Time, You Know

What do you get for the man who has everything this Valentine's Day? A Girl-a-Tron!

Girl-a-tron2000 is a realistic, animated fembot with lifelike features that will impress even the most discriminating man! She has a realistic Krayton rubber outer skin and a durable, space-age biomechanical skeleton that delivers smooth, natural movements. Fully programmable, she is responsive to light, sound and touch. Rechargeable battery provides one hour of operation and requires four hours for a full recharge. Outfits sold separately. 125 lbs. Ages 18 and up. Freight charges apply. Made in USA (with imported parts) $3,500. [SkyMall]

Valentine's Ribbon. Give him a Valentine's Day present he'll never forget ­ you! This satin ribbon wraps round the body, turning you into the ultimate Valentine treat.
Meet him at the door if you dare! Fits women 5-ft. tall to 5-ft. 9". Polyester. Imported. $14.99


dave in milwaukee said...

Wow! A life-size Ann Coulter doll! said...

LOL does it come in man-a-tron?