Thursday, February 07, 2008

FlipFlop - Flip + Fit = Crap

For the girl who is too busy (or too lazy) for the gym, comes the FitFlop, by Victoria's Secret.

Because putting on a pair of sneakers and going to the gym would make you look stupid. (and PS, I HATE flipflops with a burning passion)

Get a workout while you walk. Engineered to engage muscles, lessen joint impact and absorb shock, FitFlops burn calories and tone legs with every step. From running errands to working around your house, it's finally easier to stay in shape and multitask your fitness with a sexy, sporty look. Imported leather/cotton/polyester. $49.95 [Victoria's Secret]


Lady Jaye said...

Why not just put on regular running shoes to do errands??? Makes more sense than opting for flip-flops. Besides, who wants to risk ankle sprains while carrying tons of shopping bags? said...

HMMMMMMMM why dont they supply the mechanics of it? Sounds like they needed a pitch to hawk some ugly platform flip-flops