Thursday, February 07, 2008

Doze This House

This looks very familiar. Oh, wait! I remember now. I saw it on Sell This House.

HOST: So, why do you think your home isn't selling after 8 months on the market?

HOMEOWNER: I honestly don't know. (awkward giggle)

HOST: Mind if we take a look around?

HOMEOWNER: Sure! Mi casa es su casa!

HOST: Alright, let's check out the living room first. Okay, it's a good size, but, I might want to go and cover up that red paint with a nice neutral beige, and... what the hell is that?

HOMEOWNER: That's my garden! Ha! HA! Actually, it's a floral door mural from Taylor Gifts! It transforms a dreary door into a greenhouse of blooming bouquets! It was simple to apply, as the paste and instructions were included, and get this, it's sponge washable paper! How exciting is that. All my guests think it's real, even in winter!

HOST: I think I found the problem here. We're gonna need a match and a bulldozer.

Floral Door Mural transforms a dreary door into a greenhouse of blooming bouquets. Simple to apply, paste and instructions included, sponge washable paper, 86H x 33"W. Add a spacious look to a room, your guests will think it's real. $34.98 [Taylor Gifts]

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Mon Dieu! Tres moche! tsk tsk tsk