Monday, February 25, 2008

But Number One is Just Fine, I Guess

Tired of dogs shitting on your lawn? Drive the message home with this cast-iron garden stake featuring a lovely Scottish Terrier defacating. (Includes realistic cast-iron feces.)

Have fun while letting neighbors know: Pets are not welcome to "do their business"! Painted design on both sides. Cast-iron. 12" long (including stake). 14.95 [Catalog Favorites]


IBBB said...

Damn you and your up-to-date product selection!

Cast Iron poo is the new "clay poop" gag.


Neil Russell said...

Of course to a dog, this is an invitation.
Although with our dogs, the invitation would be redundant, but I'm sure they would find something else to do with the sign

Steven said...

Does the piece of poop grow out of his ass?