Wednesday, February 06, 2008

32 Roses and a Bottle of Valium, Please

Why? Anybody?

Directions: Go to the florist, ask for 32 roses, (even when your local bodega/deli sells them by the dozen) cut the stems off and display them like this. Don't worry about how bad it looks without flowers.

Why do people keep trying to reinvent the wheel? WHY? WHY? WHY? Jesus Gadgety Christ! Just get a fucking vase and call it a day, okay people? You can even display the vase next to the stupid Valentine's Day bowl you probably bought before you saw this.

Imagine presenting your sweetheart with a platter of his or her favorite candy encircled with a ring of flowers­talk about a memorable treat! The 10" ceramic platter has 32 holes all around so you can insert your favorite fresh or silk flowers. Perfect for Valentine's Day or any special day. $14.99

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I think thats pretty actually. :-X