Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trouble Baker

Wow, it doesn't get any more passive aggressive than this. Just imagine what happens when you try to retrieve this from your mother-in-law's house...

MRS. MICHEL: Hi, Heather! What brings you here?

HEATHER: I think I left my cake pan here last night, Mrs. Michel. Do you mind if I come in?

MRS. MICHEL: I don't think it's here. Are you sure you didn't take it? I think you did.

HEATHER: No, I'm sure. We had our hands full with all the birthday presents.

MRS. MICHEL: No, I think you took it. (closes door)

HEATHER: (blocks door with foot) Wait! Can I at least come in to see? Please?

MRS. MICHEL: (purses lips) Very well, then.

HEATHER: (enters kitchen, MRS. MICHEL in tow) See, it's right here! My name is right on it.

MRS. MICHEL: That's mine.

HEATHER: Nice try, but your first name is Beatrice - and you don't make anything with love, bitch. (storms out front door)


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