Friday, January 25, 2008

Subliminal Staging

You know what's really sad about this? Click Read More to find out.

That someone worked really hard to stage this table just so, only to have it look like an upside down Reese's Peanutbutter Cup in gold foil.

Die-Cut Table Mats. Here's everything you need to add a beautiful holiday accent to your home! Festive decorative table features a 20" diameter x 20"H, 3-legged particle board & wooden legs accent table; 70" gold polyester-satin, machine-washable, full-length tablecloth; and festive red candy cane or holly green cut-out foam table mat, each 20" round. Tablemat wipes clean. All imported. $1.19


dave in milwaukee said...

And a brilliant finishing touch, putting those lit candles on top. This will definitely "brighten up" your home. Especially when this three-legged piece of shit instantly tips over as soon as anything larger than a hamster bumps into it. Better check first to make sure your fire insurance premiums are all paid up.

Chris said...

Oh, those aren't real candles, they're probably those classy battery-powered ones that people put in their windows for Christmas like it's the 1700's all over again. said...

HA HA @ the post & the hampster bumping into it