Monday, January 14, 2008


Dear YMAL,
I like to come across as extremely lazy and inconsiderate at work. I am also incredibly fat, oblivious and rude. My long-term goal to get on one of those shows on the Discovery Channel about the super obese.

One of my favorite things to so is pay more and get less.
I am gullible and prone to making bad purchasing decisions despite having massive credit card debt. What should I buy?
Moronic in Maine

Dear Moronic,
Thanks for writing. I have the perfect product for you! The Iwavecube Personal Microwave! Reheat your coffee without ever leaving your desk. Fire up your stinky fish lunch right within spitting distance of your coworkers. Blow out an entire row of computers while making microwave popcorn.
Good luck! Please let me know how it goes.

Forget all those trips to the kitchen or treks to the cafeteria no you can reheat coffee right at your desk; or nuke some soup for you brown bag lunch or pop some 'corn in the entertainment room. Takes up less than a cubic foot. Plug it in anyplace that's handy, work or home office; home gym; family room; nursery; wet bar; dorm room; work bench; pool house... anywhere!
measures 10.5"x12"x10" $129.95 [skymall]

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