Monday, January 28, 2008

Just Faux You, Ladies

Valentine's Day Quiz for the ladies:

Q. What's more insulting than your loved one forgetting you on Valentine's Day?
A. Remembering you, but getting you these:

"Here you go, honey. Silk roses! You know, just in case I forget about you next year... Honey? Where are you going with that suitcase?"

A dozen scented silk roses for Valentine's Day are better than real ones because they'll last all year long! No wilting, they'll look freshly picked (and sweetly scented!) for years. Twelve 16" silky polyester roses in a clear presentation gift box. (Baby's breath not included). $4.99 [Taylor Gifts]


Slinky Redfoot said...

I dunno man. As I've said before, roses are very, er, economic.

S* said...

It'd be better if they came in a LED lit vase that changes color ever 5 minutes.