Friday, January 11, 2008

Grape Nuts

From the people who bring you the stupid, battery-operated Go Duster comes these Napa Grape Lights. You know you want them.

There's something about the cheesiness of those As Seen on TV commercials that stops me in my tracks. I just can't resist. Click here to watch this one and wait for the dorky blonde in the lavender shirt. "I love changing the lighting settings during the party. One minute they twinkle, and then they strobe. It really gets the party going." You almost feel sorry for her for having to recite that line.

Immediately after that comes this one: "They're as beautiful as candles, but they never ruin my tablecloth." Notice how she says this as the camera cuts to a couple clinking glasses at a dinner table - with candles on it.

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Miss Trashahassee said...


Yes, I do want them.

How did you know?

Miss T