Saturday, January 05, 2008

And You Wonder Why You're Still Single

When I think of Valentine's day, I automatically think, "How am I going to spruce up my shitter?"

Seriously, what kind of loser decorates their toilet for Valentine's Day? Is this usually the deciding factor in determining whether or not you should pursue a relationship?

"Well, Jessica was nice, but you should have seen Miranda's toilet. Oh my God, dude, it was frikkin' beeeeautiful."

If anything, this gives new meaning to kiss my ass.

Kisses Toilet Seat Appliqué. Fun and whimsical, this decorative lip-design toilet seat appliqué is a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Electrostatic vinyl is easy to apply and remove — won't damage your toilet! Use and reuse it year after year. 12 x 13 1/2". $9.98 [Lillian Vernon]

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