Monday, December 03, 2007

Or You Could Watch the Travel Channel

Do you like to travel? Ever wish you had nice vacation pictures to show off, but you never get to go anywhere because you can't afford it (but can easily afford this thing)? Well just slap this up on the wall and wait for the ooohs and aaahs from your friends and family. It features an array of generic vacation photos that scroll across the screen much like that 8th grade project where you made a TV out of two paper towel tubes, a cardboard box and a bunch of your pictures taped together end to end. Will impress no one and confuse all.

Tim: Wow, are those pictures from your vacation?
Bob: Umm, yes.
Tim: Really? Where are you?
Bob: I couldn't find anyone to take a picture of me.
Tim: Okay... You know that palm tree photo looks awfully familiar. Like the one I have as my screensaver on my computer.
Bob: It's the most photographed palm tree in the world.
Tim: Well, how come you only have 8 pictures?
Bob: It was a very short roll of film.
Tim: Okay...I'm going to leave now.

Changeable motion mirror features eight scenes! Instantly transform the look and feel of your home by rotating one of eight illuminated mirror-framed photos featuring shimmering sunsets, tropical beaches or tranquil mountain views. Sounds of moving water or soothing music enhance the setting. Included remote control, on/off and volume switches. Glass, 39 x 3 x 19". $99.98 [taylor gifts]


Anonymous said...

Wow, those palm trees have to be the number one photo around the world. There's a wall mural at the local Chinese restaurant with them and I have a shower curtain with them on it too. And what do you know, I have the "soothing sounds of running water" in there too. But then it was only about $5 for mine!
Funny item!
Aw heck now I need a Google account

Chris said...

Because when you think of China, you think of palm beach lined beaches. Not rickshaws and lead paint.