Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not Even Barbie Would Have These

Take a look at the following image and answer the quiz below.

What's easier?
A) Hammering a single nail in the wall and hanging a mirror?
B) Spending hours (or days) trying to align cheap vinyl adhesive mirror tiles on the wall only to end up like you live in a cheap toy doll house? And then constantly bobbing and weaving to get an idea of what you really look like through these wavy fucking "mirrors".

Self adhesive mirror tiles. Now you can see yourself just about anywhere. Instantly enhance (and visually enlarge!) a room by placing stylish, adhesive 4 x 4 mirror tiles on any flat surface. Get creative and design unique patterns. Ideal in bathrooms, the back of doors and more. Innovative and attractive! Set of twenty. $9.98 [taylor gifts]


Manny said...

That's so fake. Bad photoshopping.

S* said...

Those hands are not mirror image. Those are not the same hands at all.