Thursday, December 06, 2007

No Peeking

Now, I don't know about you, but when I think "Mrs. Claus", I automatically think "Twenty-something Hooters Waitress with Sixty-something Old Lady Face and Dated Golden Girls Hairdo". I mean, how else did this pointless apron make it all the way to production?

This is creepy, in a Silence of the Lambs sort of way, and that's besides the teenaged girl-sized figure depicted on the apron. Click Read More to see another reason why this will scare more people than it will entertain.

Yeah, baby. Nothing is hotter than simulated crotch this holiday season, complete with ill-fitted, dollar-store polyester panties. This is, of course, for dorky women with little to no self respect who want badly to relive their rebellious youth but require a full bottle of Jack Daniels before showing you the real thing. And Thank God for that.

Put a smile on your guests' faces when you don this hot little number, complete with Christmas cleavage, come-hither garters, and marabou-tinsel trim! And don't forget to lift the skirt for an added flash! This is one present your Old St. Nick will rush to unwrap! $24.98

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