Thursday, December 27, 2007

How'd We Get in Bed So Fast?

The Laundry Clock is exactly what you'd think it is--at first glance. A fugly, plastic laundry-themed clock. But did you know that it's actually magic? Yes. According to the folks at Harriet Carter, the magical laundry clock will actually speed up time when you look at it, making the tortuous job much easier!

The scientists over at the Harriet Carter Institute for the Advancement of Time and Space (or THCIFTAOTAS) are working around the clock (pun intended) to discover other uses for this incredible new technology. New ideas include: The Work Clock (makes work fly by, sure to be a hot seller), the Checkout Clock (for supermarkets and fast food restaurants run by bitter, apathetic high school kids) and the Flirt Clock (designed for singles bars, gets you in bed that much faster with the person you are flirting with)

Laundry Clock adds a decorative touch to any laundry room. Washing, sorting, folding and ironing can be a drag, but all your chores will seem to go faster with this charming, wall-mounted timepiece. Quartz accurate movement. Uses 1 AA battery (not incl.). 9" W x 5-3/4" H. $14.98

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Moda di Magno said...

If I wasn't already blind from the "Fiesta Belted Pant Suit" ( I would truly be blind now.