Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guess How Much: On the Rags

Guess How Much for this colorful chair?

A) $560
B) $100
C) You can't have it, for it is "art".
D) $3,892
Click Read More for the answer and another picture.

D) $3,892 (yes, I know I make this too easy). And judging by the picture above, at least one person has buyer's remorse.

Apparently this is what happens to when you drop off clothes at the Salvation Army in the Netherlands (assuming they have that there). Designer Tejo Remy
buys up the whole rack, carts them back to his studio, and makes what's probably the stinkiest chair in existence. Ultra absorbent, I guarantee that no amount of Febreeze is going to make this smell fresh after a week.

Rag Chair. Design: Tejo Remy 1993.
Re-use of clothing makes a comfortable chair. Each chair in unique!. Numbered edtion. In collection of the Dutch Textile Museum, Tilburg, Netherlands. Material: Rags, steel strips. Size: 23.4"x 23.4" x 43"$3892

4 comments: said...

i'm speechless lol

poody said...

Looks like she is on the toilet to me!

Moda di Magno said...

Jaw dropped. Words failing. Must lay down now.

Steven said...

I wonder if I can get the same MSRP with a chair I make out of a bunch of my old rags.