Friday, December 28, 2007

Guess How Much: Dining Edition

Guess How Much for this shiny napkin holder!

Is it:
A) $19.99?
B) $ 29.99?
C) $ 56.00?
D) $115.00?
E) none of the above

Click Read More to find out.

E) none of the above. You are not worthy of this napkin holder, peasants, for it is from MoMA and costs a ridiculous $120.00. Why anyone would choose this over something similar at Bed Bath and Beyond, I'll never know. Maybe it's for artsy fartsy snobs people who like to bring dinner to a screeching halt with condescending lines like: "That napkin holder you're viciously pawing at was thoughtfully-designed by Peter Holmblad in 1996 and is well crafted from stainless steel. Did you know that? No? I didn't think you did."

Napkin Holder Peter Holmblad, 1996 The sliding bar on this thoughtfully-designed napkin holder adjusts for capacity of napkins and holds them securely in place. Well crafted from stainless steel, it is dishwasher safe.$120.00 [MoMA]

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