Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Time for a Divorce

The Atomic Talking Watch is apparently so much more, although from the picture, it looks like it's worth a lot less than its 60 dollar price tag (which cereal box did this fall out of?) At the push of a button, this waste of money will "announce" the time for you in a pleasant voice (as pleasant as an cheap answering machine, I'm sure), to save your ancient eyes from straining to see the tiny numbers. It also claims to automatically set the date and time, but I don't see a date on these watches, which means that if you only want to know the date, you have to press the button and embarrass yourself in front of total strangers.

Honey, what day is it?

Hold on, let me find the button. (click) "The time is now eight fifty-three p.m."

No, Harry. I said what DAY is it?

Christ, I don't know how to make it work, Diane. Just ask the waiter, will ya?

(Customers look on)

Damn it, Harry. What the fuck day is it?

I don't know! It won't... (presses wrong button) "The time is now eight fifty-four p.m."

You're useless. I want a divorce.

Here's an idea. Get yourself a digital watch.

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