Thursday, January 03, 2008

As Seen on Trading Spaces

Here's something you probably won't see on HGTV. Now, I'm only asking these questions because the description leaves a few details out. You'll have to excuse my boldness, but...

...what the fuck's going on here? Why is one side longer than the other? Is this some kind of stretchable rubber crown moulding? Or does it come in little pieces that snap together like Lego bricks? Is it hollow? Because that's going to look stupid when you cut it. If it's not hollow, it's going to look jagged after you try to cut this with regular scissors and realize that you can't - and it's too late.

Easy Crown Molding for elegant edging over a door. or window. A simple, low-cost way to dress up any room. Easy, tool-free application installs in minutes. Just peel and stick. No cutting, measuring or mitering required. Can be painted to match any decor, trim with scissors when needed, fits 26 to 46 wide. Plastic, 26 x 23" x 2. $19.98

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