Monday, November 19, 2007

Private Crapper

Toilet Tunes Automatic Bathroom Entertainment. Wireless sound machine plays automatically when the lid is up, shuts off when it's down. Just peel and stick sensor under the lid, no cords or plugs. Enjoy music (soothing jazz, Latin guitar, modern techno/ pop) or nature sounds (rain, ocean waves, mountain stream). Provides privacy and helps remind guys to keep the seat down. Sensor is waterproof and washable with automatic and manual mode. Requires 1 C and 3 AAA batteries (not included). $29.98

And you'll have peace of mind during the holidays while you keep track of how often your guests use the bathroom. Both the duration and the frequency can be timed now.

Cheryl, were you taking a shit?

No. I was reapplying my makeup.

I timed you at 7 minutes, 23 seconds. And you forgot your lipstick.

Alright, you got me! Ha! Ha!