Friday, November 23, 2007

Oh, Baby

I have a habit of saving emails and never reading them. Or reading them and getting distracted by food only to come back months later to find something interesting.

That something interesting is here. (thanks to S* on this one)

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Their little one will be snug as a cub in a rug—and undeniably cute—in this super-soft bear blanket. Babies love to be swaddled and it's never been easier than with our clever blanket. They just place baby in the center, fold the paws and fasten. It will soon become a snuggly favorite. Exclusively from RedEnvelope.
made of velvety-soft and plush polyester fits infants up to six months imported. $40 [red envelope]

And, as S* pointed out, look what the bad photoshopping has done to this baby's head.

2 comments: said...

lol it doesnt look photoshopped to me...looks like the blanket is to blame...the kid also looks very uncomfortbale which is funny in itself lol

S* said...

I'm never emailing you again! Grrr....

But really, that baby's head is trapezoidal! Methinks they photoshopped the baby face into that stupid furry thing to save a little cash.