Monday, November 19, 2007

Dry Cleaner's Nightmare

In a word: overkill. In three words: dry cleaner's nightmare.

Mary: Wait a minute! These pants are missing some of their beads!

Dry Cleaner: No they not.

Mary: Yes they are. There were 6,740 beads on the right leg and now there are just...(counts under breath) 57!

Dry Cleaner: They come like that.

Mary: That's bullshit! I'm calling my lawyer and I'm gonna sue your ass!

Dry Cleaner: No you not. Look at sign! (points to sign on wall) We no responsible for missing button or bead on ugly overprice jean pant. Have nice day!!!

Lace Leaf Beaded Jean. Shimmering leaf appliqu├ęs are embroidered with coppery metallic sequins and wood beading on fall's perfect jean. Distressed pockets and hem add to their exotic design. 5–pocket jean styling with subtle flare leg and 32" inseam in size 10. Jeans are cotton/spandex; dry clean. Imported. $99

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Greg said...

WTF? you cant even see the top of the jeans? How do you know there's not some ugly stretch waistband there?