Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bible Banger

Musical Walking Turtle will saunter right into your heart! So realistic, folks will think he's the real thing! Then, flip a switch and watch the smiles as he starts his slow walk, singing to the music as he goes. Even his head and mouth move as he croons, "You gotta slow down. You move too fast". Uses 3 AA batteries (not included). Durable plastic. 9-1/4" L. $17.98

Here's how I'm hoping all these toys end up.
Carol: Hi, Jenny! So nice of you to come over for bible study!

Jenny: Hi, Carol. I brought my new bible! (holds up bible, smiles)

Carol: Fantastic! Come inside and I'll make us some tea.

Jenny: Alrightie, then!

Carol: Now, Jenny, I have something hysterical to show you! Just wait right there on the couch. I'll be right back.

Jenny: Okay.

Carol: Are you ready? Look at this! Puts turtle on coffee table.

Jenny: Oh, how adorable! You bought a turtle? Honey, wouldn't a cat be more fun?

Carol: Oh, silly. Watch! (flips switch)

Turtle: You gotta slow down/you move too fast. You gotta slow down...

Carol: Isn't he cute? We named him Louis.

Jenny: Oh my Lord! He's possessed by Satan! The power of Christ compells you! The power of Christ compells you!!!!! (Jenny gets up, beats turtle with bible. Turtle smashed to bits. No more stupid singing turtle.)

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