Monday, October 15, 2007

A YMAL Book Review: the Twinkies Cookbook

"It's everyone's favorite, cream-filled treat. In honor of Twinkies' 75th anniversary, Hostess-maker of this fine snack-put out a call for recipes that use Twinkies! The response was overwhelming and resulted in many creative ideas. Viewed as the official Twinkies cookbook, it's fun (and delicious!) to own. Printed in USA. Hardcover, 112 pp.; color photos. $12.99"

Brace yourselves for a shocker, kids. I was so intrigued (and freaked out) by this that I went out and bought a copy for myself at Barnes and Noble, where, curiously, this was displayed in the "Cookbook" section, rather than, say, the "Humor" or "Horror/SciFi" section.

The book's subtitle is "an inventive and unexpected recipe collection," and they certainly hit the mark there. It is far and away the most disgusting book you will ever read.

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Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "What the hell can you make with a Twinkie?" Well, as it turns out, a lot. You can make desserts, cakes, drinks, even main courses, although you'll have to chop, slice, mash, blend, freeze, batter, tear, dip, fry, bake, mutilate and disembowel said Twinkies first. All manner of atrocities are committed in creating these "dishes".

There is even a section entitled "Twinkies and Meat," which I can't believe got published without a warning label. Some of the recipes include photos, others leave you to your imagination. If they look unappetizing here (even with the aid of food stylists, lighting, props, trick photography and Photoshop), just imagine how they'll look on the buffet table at your neighbors Christmas party.

All of the recipes are introduced by their creators, and soon a recurring theme emerges: Twinkies recipes are usually accidents, with Twinkies substituted for bread or cake at the last minute to "save the day." They try to make it sound as if they're accomplished chefs, renowned for their abilities to improvise in an emergency.

What are you looking at? You mean you don't keep Twinkies on hand, right next to the flour?

Sadly, the book features no nutritional information.

I don't know if it's the perfect coffee table book, the funniest book ever published, or the ultimate "get-the-hell-off-carbs-and-never-look-back" book.

What I do know is that this will make for a fine recurring feature here at YMAL. "Twinkie Tuesdays" will feature one new (and nauseating) recipe from the Twinkies cookbook, so stay tuned!


Neil Russell said...

I'm just glad someone is keeping up the tradition of cooking with otherwise useless foodstuffs just like they did back in the 1950s.
7-Up, Spam, and countless others had "cookbooks", with hideous images of the glop that could be created with their products.
A proud tradition indeed!

poody said...

I tried to eat a deep fried twinkie once and yes I did have to put the bong down first but even then I couldn't do more than one bite! I swear I heard my arteries harden then and there!

Steven said...

I was going to make a joke, saying I'm like a Twinkie because when I'm sqeezed, cream comes out.

Oops. I just did.

pinknest said...

wow, i'm intrigued and repulsed! which is how i often am i suppose. i look forward to twinkie tuesdays.