Wednesday, October 17, 2007

At Least She Didn't Bring it to School

What is this?
Is it:
A) a spy camera?
B) a tube of mood matching lipstick?
C) a cell phone?
D) the most bizarre thing you'll see all day?
Click Read More to find out. Parental Guidance is suggested. (I love saying that).

[From Carol Wright Gifts] The ultimate in discretion! With the lid off, this sleek, compact personal massager looks like an ordinary tube of lipstick. But, it's packed with a powerful massager for intense vibration and extreme sensual pleasure. Carry it anywhere - in purse, luggage, cosmetic bag - or leave on vanity or nightstand. 1AAA battery (not included). 3 1/2"H.

Mom: Lindsay, where are you?

Lindsay: I'm playing make-up!

Mom: Oh, how cute... HOLY FUCK! (bolts up stairs)

Lindsay: Hi, Mommy! There's something wrong with your lipstick... When I rub it on my lips it won't stop shaking!


poody said...

Oh... I am gonna need one of these! In fact, I may have to purchase several of these for XMAS presents. Now where did you say this comes from (so to speak)

Jennifer said...

OMG I needed a laugh today! As always you find the best crap . Where was this from again?...

Chris said...

Carol Wright Gifts