Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Guess How Much: Furniture

Guess How Much for this lovely wooden crate?
Is it:
A) free, because you found it in the garbage?
B) $30 at Crate and Barrel?
C) $179?
D) $238?

Click "Read More" to find out.

C and D! It's $179, but it was originally $238, so you're getting a bargain! Here is the nauseating description: Small open box that is the perfect height to be used as either a bedside table, stool, sofa table or as floor / shelf storage. In an attempt to pay homage to the original found object, Jasper Morrison has recreated the Crate to the exact scale of the original and has retained original details. A slit in the back of the box is romantically preserved as an integral design detail.

What's sadder than sad?
A) finding something in the trash and calling it art
B) re-creating trash and calling it art
C) charging people almost 200 bucks for a wooden box and calling it art.

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poody said...

I got nothing just a stare into space on this one!