Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh, S-U-V, Oh, S-U-V...

Turn this Animated Singing Christmas Tree on and watch your get-togethers go crazy! Activate his on/off switch and his eyes and branches light up as he launches into a fun sing-a-long of "Oh Christmas Tree," moving his mouth to the words and scooting around on hidden wheels! Special built-in sensor keeps him from falling off table edges.

But my foot will send him flying out the door right under an SUV. I would have waited a few weeks for a Christmas post, but this is just too much (and I can just imagine something like this selling out by then)
BONUS VIDEO ALERT! Go to this page and click on the little "Watch How it Works" link right under the description for a disturbing video of this creature in action! Warning: not for sensitive stomachs.

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