Friday, October 05, 2007

Mattress Genie is Disappointing in Bed

Mattrress Genie transforms your mattress into a completely adjustable bed. Just push a button on the lighted remote to raise or lower head and shoulders for reading or watching TV; ease heartburn, indigestion or snoring. Maintenance-free pump uses electricity to push air into the chamber, raising the Mattress Genie. Strong and durable construction. Works will all types of mattresses up to 18" thick. Holds up to 1,000 pounds. $99-$129.99"

Yes, finally a use for that new fangled "electricity" thing. Mattresses, as everyone knows, are very flexible. All you need is this lovely air filled vinyl bag, some electricity, and a thousand pounds to get yours to fold up at a nice, neat 45 degree angle. And because it's the "mattress genie," they can't tell you exactly what keeps the mattress from slithering off the boxspring and onto the floor.


poody said...

I'm guessing you need a footboard on the bed to keep the mattress in place??

Chris said...

Good point, Poody. But I think that since there's usually some gap between the footboard and the mattress, having to shove it back into place each morning is going to get tired. At least that's what I would envison with my lazy ass.

ilovetodab said...

Maybe there is some kind of gripping fabric on the actual cushion to stop the mattress from sliding down it. Just a little idea about how it could be solved without having to have a footboard on the bed.